Tuesday 5 January 2010

Sponsor Sought to Support Breast Massage Hair Growth Trial

The 68-year-old quack who treated a 28-year-old woman suffering from hair loss by massaging her breasts and stimulating her “lotus” has been jailed for nine months.

Chan Tung-choi, a practitioner of natural therapy, protested he was innocent. What is interesting is that his "patient", a 28-year-old online journalist, chose to justify her compliance with the therapy sessions by “rationalizing” and claiming that “her hair had grown slightly since starting therapy”.

HKSARblog believes the only way Chan can prove his innocence “beyond reasonable doubt” is to find a benefactor or company willing to sponsor double-blinded trials. Does anyone know anybody willing to sponsor such trials?

[Solidarity Brother!! Pic courtesy of The Standard]

From The Standard
`Sex therapy' doc jailed for hell of hair-loss patient (Dec 31, 2009)

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