Wednesday 6 January 2010

Safe Sex and Superstars Do Not Add Up

Celebrities who have extramarital affairs confound their blundering ways by apparently not bothering to practice safe sex. What indignation in this day and age.

Tiger Woods was promiscuous and allegedly did not use condoms. Boris Becker did not practice safe sex either, and look at the consequences of his “five seconds that will haunt [him] for the rest of [his] life”.

Isn’t it bizarre? It’s bad enough cheating on your partner, and it’s unbelievably worse when there’s the double risk of contracting STDs immediately and contracting a baby nine months down the road. It just adds to the fact that they are real idiots who don’t bother thinking about the consequences, never mind to themselves but to their partners.

HKSARblog thought the message in this day and age was pretty clear about safe sex. Apparently not. Is it time to repeat and reinforce the message of safe sex? How many people are properly taught to use condoms? Perhaps the question should be: how many people are responsible enough to actually have sex?

The media are also to blame because they do not reinforce the message of practicing safe sex. Caught up in the media circus of their own making, and amidst all the allegations and sensationalism of celebrities having illicit affairs, it seems no one in the media stops to consider the actual act of sex, or method of copulation. This fact is conveniently ignored. There should be a sensational, sexy, scandalous story there, but the media do not appear eager to raise awareness of this issue. Why is this? HKSARblog thinks it would be reasonable for the media and other organizations to condemn people for not practicing safe sex. That should be the real story.

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