Thursday 12 November 2009

HKSARblog @ WordPress Is No More

When I first started blogging in January 2009, I did not know which free Blog service was better for my needs. I therefore decided to use both WordPress and Blogger to see which service was more convenient and practical to use. After one year, my plan was to write a review comparing the pros and cons of both blog services.

Today, ten months in, the blog has been wiped from the Web. I can no longer login. Apparently, there was a violation of the Terms of Service. But I received no notice or warning, and there is no channel for me to contact WordPress about this.

[Screenshots of the site]

Has anyone else experienced this situation? What happens to the blog name/domain and to the blog content?

Fortunately, HKSARblog still exists here! But can anyone provide good advice and tell me if this blog will be in danger of being wiped from the Web too? I wouldn't want this blog to go up in smoke.


  1. Contact them here:
    and ask why you were suspended. I can't see any obvious reason. The usual ones are link-spam, using it for commercial purposes (i.e. selling stuff) or privacy/defamation.

    I can't see how any of that applies to your blog, and I'd be interested to know why since my blog is hosted on Wordpress too, and I wouldn't want all my content simply to vanish with no recourse.

  2. While the odds are against it, it could happen here too and it wouldn't take much. The safest way is to control your own destiny - have your own domain hosted with a reliable company. But that's not free.

  3. Thanks Smog (and Spike)

    I contacted WordPress and just received a reply. Apparently, a lawyer has challenged my innuendo in a post, so I had to remove the offending phrase from WordPress (see

    I thought it was obvious I was being sardonic. Can’t lawyers take a joke?