Thursday 9 July 2009

Science Does Not Work Like Democracy

This blog received an interesting and irrational comment (see below or here) recently in response to Hong Kong Dismissing Creationism and Intelligent Design. The comment basically said that individuals can decide what is truth or real or fact, based on what “feels right to them”.

It really is unfortunate and sad that some people feel and “think” this way about evolution and science. I suspect these people are religiously indoctrinated and are desperately pushing for creationism and intelligent design, although they find it hard to admit this openly. They think “what feels right to them” is the answer. Well, it is not the answer. It’s not credible and it’s not scientific.

For instance, if I show someone a fish, and I demonstrate to them all kinds of supporting evidence to indicate that it is a fish, I do not expect someone to say: “well, I feel like, I dunno, like it’s not a fish, y’know, like. It’s feels like it’s a rabbit, like. I’m free to decide by myself, and I say like it’s a rabbit, like.” These kinds of people are truly delusional.

Science does not work like democracy. You can’t vote and decide that a fish is a “rabbit” simply because you decide it “feels right to you”. The fact (and I mean, the scientific fact) is that a fish is a fish, and science does not care what individuals “feel” about the fact.

Regardless of how people “feel”, creationism and intelligent design are in fact pseudoscience and therefore do not belong in science. There is strong evidence to support evolution. There is NO evidence to support creationism and intelligent design.


Comment from: Utopie Liverpool Web said...

It's hard to say what to do. I think you should offer people/students all the 'opinions' on the given subject and let them decide what feels right to them. I think it is wrong to force either the scientific, or the spiritual explanation on to someone, but a conbination of all should be 'offered'.

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