Friday 24 July 2009

Conspiracy Idiot Collects Comeuppance from Astronaut Hero Buzz Aldrin

When Bart Sibrel, who claims the NASA Apollo Mission moon landings were faked, accused Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin of being “a coward and a liar”, well, I guess he pushed the right buttons.

Buzz Aldrin punch

While I do not condone violence, the reaction of Buzz Aldrin is understandable given his heroic and historic achievements, his societal values from an older generation (he’s 79 years young), and the “in-your-face” menace of a wannabe filmmaker.

No matter whether one is a hero or everyday journeyman, when someone is continuously harassed and falsely accused by some idiot of being “a coward and a liar”, frustration can boil over. In this case, Buzz Aldrin knows the facts (and there is ample evidence of Man’s achievement in landing on the moon … see related links below). And Buzz is being harassed and challenged by someone who has an opinion.

Facts and opinions are different levels of evidence, with the former always trumping the latter. As I have mentioned before, science does not work like democracy … when there are facts, opinions (whether popular or unpopular) can easily be rejected or at least revised.

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