Thursday 19 March 2009

Captain, There Be Whales Here!

Call me "Is that real"? Terrible pun, I know, but what wonderful news in the SCMP (subscription required) about Hong Kong's first humpback whale sighting, out in the East Lamma Channel. This picture (from the Government information service) of the humpback's tail flukes is superb.

This news comes on the back of another amazing cetacean scene; this time filmed by the BBC, and reported on the BBC website, of humpback whales snacking on (relatively) small bait balls. I was also pleased to hear Sir David Attenborough narrating the bait ball scene, which is for the new BBC wildlife series "Nature's Great Events: The Great Feast".


  1. the cynic in me says it's a chinese robotoy ...

  2. Thanks Gweipo. As long as we tell that to any nearby Japanese or Norwegian whaling ships, then I'm all for cynicism!
    As long as we are being cynical, I am astonished that Chinese, unlike Inuits and some Japanese and Norwegians, don't eat whales given the fact that Chinese eat dolphins and all other kinds of animals. Just be glad China doesn't possess any whaling ships.