Wednesday 3 January 2018

Lecturing Kids About Sharks Fin

I randomly came across this video of someone giving a lecture in English to 5-6 year old Chinese children in Hong Kong about the sharks fin industry.

At one point, Bertha Lo of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation told the audience that "26 million to 76 million sharks are killed [every year]" (1:08 on the video). Yes, this is a shocking number ... but what is more shocking is that these numbers have absolutely no impact or meaning to a group of 5-6 years olds !!!

I think the kids would rather see some real sharks or at least some videos of sharks swimming in their natural habitat. Providing children (at this young age) with the beauty of these animals is probably much more effective in getting them to first appreciate the wonders of our natural world. When it comes to giving them the "real and dirty facts" about the sharks fin trade (and other gruesome facts), perhaps this should be given to children of slightly older grades?

Teaching Hong Kong Kindergarten Kids About Shark Fin (YouTube video)

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