Thursday 9 October 2014

1453 HKSAR Name of the Day

Nicola Lu Min (Mr), 36 years old, Hong Kong fencing team (competing at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea)

NOTE: Lu has an Italian father and Hong Kong mother which likely explains his name. Had this important piece of information been missed, then it is easy to see why we can fall into our "lazy way of thinking" and believe that this novel name was derived from a lack of good English. We now have two good examples of where apparently "novel" names are derived (and both are derived by the individuals' parents). The other example is Ines Kwai-pun (see his comments here).

 Nicola Lu Min trains with teammate Leung Ka-ming at Goyang Gymnasium. Pic by Nora Tam

About Novel HKSAR Names
Name Category: Rare

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