Monday 1 July 2013

1221 HKSAR Name of the Day

Gidget Lun Kit-chi, architect, Hong Kong 
(in a newspaper feature about changing Chinese New Year Traditions Gidget said: "[My] parents are very liberal. My mum never pressed me to do anything for the new year.")

About Novel HKSAR Names
Name Category: Creation; Phonetic-based?


  1. Gidget: The Little Girl With Big Ideas was a book from 1957, a novel based on the real life teenage girl of the same name. Following that, there were 3 Gidget movies, 2 Gidget TV series and 3 Gidget made-for-TV movies. The character (girl/midget) was portrayed by many actresses, most famously by Sally Field. It's not "creation" though definitely rare in Hong Kong.

  2. Thanks Spike, you are a fountain of knowledge!

    I Googled this and the author of the novel, Frederick Kohner, created the name Gidget from "Girl" and "Midget". For now, I'll leave it as creation. Let's see how many Gidgets are out there!