Wednesday 15 August 2012

1061 HKSAR Name of the Day

Pinky Lam Sui-ping, principal, Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad School in Kowloon
see 0016, 0150 and 0427 HKSAR Names of the Day plus Hot Hong Kong Girls Inspire Pinky Doll

About Novel HKSAR Names
Name Category: Creation; somewhat common in Hong Kong


  1. Wasn't there a cartoon called Pinky and the Brain? I never watched it though.

    Pinky fits in with the overly girly and useless Hongky tendencies.

  2. Yes, they were two white lab mice, one of whom wanted to take over the world every week. Brain was a genius, Pinky was insane! They were both male, although Pinky did have some girly tendencies not to mention other weird and insane tendencies.