Monday 14 May 2012

Smug Chubby Middle-Aged Chinese Males

I recently came across three chubby Chinese men who give that impression of an air of smugness and superiority about themselves.

Professor Yung Kai-leung 

Professor Yung Kai-leung, associate head of Hong Kong Polytechnic University's department of industrial and systems engineering who will be leading a research team to complete the third and final phase of China's first lunar exploration programme in 2017, which will collect samples.

If it's the moon you want, then Yung's your man (SCMP, Apr 29 2012)

 Professor Lee Chack-fan 

Professor Lee Chack-fan, head of a government-appointed taskforce that has drafted a controversial course in moral and national education to be implemented in primary schools in 2015 and secondary schools in 2016 (see Brainwashing Post here)

National education course revised (SCMP, May 01 2012)

 Anthony Lau, executive director, Hong Kong Tourism Board

Anthony Lau, executive director, Hong Kong Tourism Board featured on a travel documentary starring a certain presenter with a lisp.

Hong Kong Destination Report from Cruise Today (YouTube)

Are the numbers of smug chubby Chinese men on the increase or has it always been like this? Smug chubby middle-aged Chinese males. Are they relevant? Are they making a difference in society? Bucks Fizz anyone?

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