Wednesday 24 August 2011

Cringeworthy Friend, Loser Husband and Poor Father

Two points to mention about fung shui master Tony Chan:

1) There have been some bizarre home photos of Tony Chan published by Hong Kong newspapers over the years. The ones I have seen are cringeworthy. For example, this recently-published one where Chan's puny mate is holding him in his arms.


The funny thing is that these kind of cringeworthy poses seem to be quite popular amongst Hongkies. From a Western perspective, this kind of "friendly" pose would really only consist of a macho guy holding his girl in his arms. And if it is two guys, then the guy being held and cradled is usually the smaller, weedy and probably less macho of the two. However, local Hongkie males tend to love doing this kind of thing to each other. This two-guy pose is really effeminate, cringeworthy and seemingly common amongst Hongkies.

Does anyone else have any cringeworthy pics of Hongkies that they would like to share on this blog? Please?
[Note: this includes the ubiquitous "V" for victory pose that apparently all Hongkies think is "cool" to do in pics]

2) Tony Chan's wife, who is resolutely standing by her husband even though he has publicly declared to have been the lover of the late billionaire Nina Wang, is quoted:
"As a husband and father, he only gets 60 marks. But he loves every member of the family."

To many, 60% is a failing mark or at least a "below satisfactory" grade. So what drives certain women to apparently stand by their men even though they have been wronged or shamed (e.g. Is It A Hard Life?)? Money? Inequality in the relationship? Money? Low self-esteem? Money? Low education? Money?

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Tony Chan tells of inside info (The Standard)
Natalie Wong
Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Fung shui practitioner Tony Chan Chun- chuen says he has received useful inside information after he offered a US$10 million (HK$78 million) reward for evidence to help him uncover the truth surrounding the late Nina Wang Kung Yu- sum's estate.

The evidence includes what he claims to be a fingerprint sample of Wang, who he insists was his lover and not just a client.

Chan told the Sing Tao Daily, sister newspaper of The Standard, that an advertisement offering the reward he placed in Chinese-language newspapers last month drew a "heated response" from members of the public.

"My lawyer initially thought it wasn't a good idea [to place an ad], saying I would get spammed," he said.

But Chan, who faces criminal charges over the will, said he received words of encouragement and also information he believes to be useful to his court case.

Chan, who is out on bail, said he will discuss with lawyers the authenticity of the evidence before placing it before the judge.

In the advertisement, Chan said the reward will be paid for solid information that helpsw him win the legal battle.

Chan lost a high-profile court case for the estate of the late property tycoon after the will he presented was ruled to be a forgery. Instead, the courts found that a will held by the Chinachem Charitable Foundation, set up by Wang, was genuine. In May, Chan took his case directly to the Court of Final Appeal.

Facing the huge sum of money to be handed out as a reward and the pricey le
gal fees, the self-styled fung shui master described himself as "a terminally ill patient" who has paid a huge price to prove his innocence.

The interview was held in his 5,000-square-foot home at Gough Hill on The Peak, which is without luxury fittings and with cardboard boxes piled up in the living room.

After he lost in the High Court and Court of Appeal, his aides - Regal Cyber Group chairman Raymond Chu Wai-man and deputy chairwoman Anita Chow Pak-kun - resigned for personal reasons. Chan dismissed reports his partnership with Chu broke up because he pursued a HK$50 million debt.

When asked what will happen if he loses the appeal, he said: "I know I am innocent as I did not fake any documents.

"If there is a miscarriage of justice, I will ask my wife to visit me in jail and try to live life with courage."

His wife, Tam Miu-ching, vowed in the interview never to divorce Chan and promised to support her husband.

"As a husband and father, he only gets 60 marks," she said. "But he loves every member of the family."

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