Wednesday 3 August 2011

0872 HKSAR Name of the Day

Prodip Leung, graphic designer and bassist for local hip hop group LMF, Hong Kong

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Prodip has a thing for UFOs and aliens. Vincent Kok Tak-chiu (left) and Prodip at Prodip's solo exhibition

Reference: Prodip's art show takes viewers out of this world (SCMP; paywall)
Vivian Chen
Jun 09, 2011

Local hip hop group LMF's leader, bassist and graphic designer Prodip Leung has a thing about little green men. The musician's debut solo exhibition, titled Tribe of Many Colours, features 25 paintings and drawings that showcase his wild imaginings of extraterrestrial life.

The artist has long been interested in the subject and two years ago published a book, Project After Dark, featuring his alien art.

His hip musician and designer friends packed the opening party last week at the Museum of Medical Sciences, where the show runs until June 19. While DJ K.I.T manned the decks, the party rocked and after a few vodka shots, guests might well have seen strange lights in the sky.


  1. Prodip Leung Wai-ting ... we are still waiting .....

  2. aimlesswanderer3 August 2011 at 23:13

    Get everyone sufficiently intoxicated and they'll see ghosts coming out of the walls! Even better than aliens.

  3. Thanks Anon and AW. Something tells me that Prodip either has to wait for a very very long time to gather proof of UFOs or he can instead continue with his "wild imaginings of extraterrestrial life" through the medium of art. Make no mistake though, it is not science.

    AW's suggestion in getting "legless" is actually more credible than any of the witness accounts of being abducted or seeing UFOs! See "Alien Abduction Assertions Akin to Being Bonkers" post as an example.