Sunday 12 September 2010

A Face Like A Fish

Nick Pulford has a great weekly sports column called You Bet in the SCMP. However, his mugshot has a rather off-putting veneer and puts a damp squib on proceedings. Perhaps it best to remove the mugshot, so that readers can focus on the column’s content which is usually an interesting read?

[Squidward and Pulford]

He was looking so like a halibut … I might have supposed myself to be gazing on something a.w.o.l. from a fishmonger’s slab.

Q: Anyone know where that famous line comes from?
Hint: Augustus

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Disclaimer: As mentioned in About HK Doppelgangers, no offence is intended, and any resemblances are entirely due to one’s own perceptions shaped by experience and exposure to life’s wonderful social diversity.

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