Saturday 25 January 2020

He's a polymathematical guy

You what? Is calling someone 'polymathematical' an insult? If anything, it sounds like the person saying it is ignorant of what he is trying to say.
"He's a polymathematical guy. I spent 30 years as an investor speaking to some of the best CEOs in the world, and Jurgen [Klopp] is right up there with them. If he wasn't managing a football club, he could be managing a Fortune 500 company." 
–– Mike Gordon, executive-level bigwig, Fenway Sports Group (reference, here)

Mike Gordon (far right) was sure Jurgen Klopp (black shirt), manager of Liverpool FC, was the right man to take over after just two meetings ... because he sensed Klopp was "polymathematical" !

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