Thursday 10 May 2018

27 comments from SCMP readers to Duterte's apology to Hong Kong

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Philippines Apologises to Hong Kong After 8 Years

Probably most of the HK people have already forgotten about the tragedy!
Well done Duterte. This is how things should be done - for those thick-skulled unrepentant politicians and government officials.
Thank you President Duterte
Apologiesmarathon? you apologized for the previous president so the next president will apologize for you?
so in essence either way there is a no win policy for you. pointless comment from a depressed mind
Showing the Japanese how its properly done. Thank You Mr. President.
It is only the government who kept on going back on apologies.
Article: “From the bottom of my heart, as president of the Republic of the Philippines, and on behalf of the people of the Philippines, may I apologise and say sorry that the incident happened and as humanly possible I would like to make this guarantee – it will never happen again.”
Accept the apology - it is the civilised thing to do and there is no point crying over spilled milk. The “guarantee” - take it with a huge pinch of salt. How is that “guarantee” going to be implemented? Their police is so corrupted that they even tried to collect ransom from the family of a Korean businessman whom they had “accidentally” killed in one of their so-called drug “raids”. Empty promises are worthless!
Okay, apology should be well received by those who were killed and relatives and friends of the victims, I think. What’s next? Perhaps, president Duterte might need to consider ordering investigation task force into how the ex mayor, Alfredo Siojo Lim handled the case in 2010. Apology means acknowledging wrongdoing and its logical to ask how wrong Alfredo Siojo Lim did at that time.
China could learn from Duterte's example by apologizing to the victims of the Tiananmen massacre, apologizing to the 10-20 million children who were victims of the one-child policy and weren't recognized as citizens being born as second/third children, and apologizing to Chinese citizens that were victims of Mao's policies.
Duterte has done a great job in improving ties with China.

The apology was not meaningful. The Philipine government should do more solid actions to compensate the victim families that suffered for the past years. Spoke it
Langouste Impériale
A token of peace is always a right step forward. You would know the meaning of an apology if you see the battle led by the surviving victims of Nazi occupation, Japanese occupation, Tiananmen sq etc..., just to have their plight formerly recognized.
My respect to President Duterte.
Much respect for him for doing this. What a great change it has been since Acquino.
Aquino vs Duterte, very big contrast. One crawled out from beneath the skirt of his mother to won presidency vs one fought crimes heavily in his town and then won presidency. One said HK's CEO was not in the same level to talk to him during the tragedy vs one comes to HK to deliver apology.
Thank you for reporting this, SCMP...
Philippines voted Duterte for a very noble reason. He works hard for the good of his country and our entire region.
I wish SCMP would stop its demonization tactics...
You gotta give him this he has a backbone maybee our appointed leaders ( loosers?) can learn here something ?
Duterte has a big heart......
finally, somebody, has a big enough shadow, to say what's needed to be said years ago. thank you.
Durterte >>>>> aquino
Hilariously serious
Whatever his detractors say about him being evil and heartless, it takes a lot of guts, humanity and humility for him to make that public apology. That makes him much more of a man and president than his predecessor Aquino could ever be.
This is a big step towards putting the matter to rest between Hong Kong and Philippine. Hope the families of those HK victims find it in their hearts to forgive and look forward.
President Duterte has already taken initiative and a reached out to the victims. How about we try to be grateful? I thank you, President Duterte
The sad incidence happened during Aquino's term. Aquino bears the full responsibility for it. But Duterte is big enough to bring a resolution by apologizing to HK. HK should return the grace, instead of sending SAFE to confront Duterte. The HK students are out of control. They must be told to behave!
I'm sorry, you seem very mis-informed.
The SAFE students wanted to respectfully hand over a petition with over 1,000 signatures, collected primarily from the pinay community. This was not a "confrontation".
If standing up against unethical fees and black market employment agencies is "out of control" I am afraid you do not understand what actually occurred and you should do your research before spreading false information.

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