Thursday 20 May 2010

Pompey’s Unlucky Mascot

If Portsmouth FC coach Avram Grant is prepared to declare that something (or, in this case, someone) brings good luck, then should he also be equally willing to admit his error when that same token fails to bring good luck?

Balram Chainrai, default owner of Portsmouth FC and the first British soccer club owner from Hong Kong to reach an FA Cup final, was reported in SCMP saying:
“My son, Karan, was mascot for the wins over Birmingham City and Tottenham in the quarter-finals and semi-finals and Avram Grant has insisted he does it again for the final. Avram says he's brought the team luck in the competition so he wants him to be there again."

Portsmouth lost 0-1 to Chelsea in the FA Cup Final on Saturday 15 May 2010.

[Karan Chainrai as Portsmouth’s lucky mascot against Birmingham City (left, source SCMP)) and unlucky mascot against Chelsea (right, source Reuters). Since Avram Grant is grasping at straws, perhaps it was the glasses that brought lady luck? Wonderful experience for young Karan though.]

Avram Grant said:
"It's a day when I'm both very proud and very sad. We had a chance to win the game, but we didn't do it. It has been an unbelievable season and I won't forget it.”

Perhaps Grant should have also admitted:
“Karan, our lucky mascot, did not help … obviously”.

Tough luck Pompey, and good luck for next season in the English Championship with the possibility of also being disadvantaged with -17 points. Perhaps the club (already in debts totalling over US$200 million) should pay for Karam’s schooling in Portsmouth, so that the little mascot can attend all the matches next season to bring good luck? Or will Pompey need more than just luck to survive?

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