Saturday 3 October 2009

Hong Kong ExCo Convenor Says Even He Can Tell When Wine Is Spoiled. WTF?

Price is everything to Hong Kong’s elite. CY Leung (touted by some as a future candidate for Chief Executive) tries to sound humble by saying that even he, a rich privileged Hong Kong businessman who wanders around public housing estates and who no doubt enjoys the odd expensive bottle of wine, can tell when cheap plonk is not worth having. And that’s without even tasting it. Impressive. He has truly amazing powers! Perhaps just the Right Stuff that is needed for a future Chief Executive of Hong Kong!?

Bargain wine was spoiled (SCMP Letters)
Oct 02, 2009

Harry's cartoon on September 28 carries the following lines: "Apparently, there are 1.23 million Hong Kong people in poverty". "I dread to think what wine they're drinking".

I came across an HK$18 bottle of red wine in a Tin Shui Wai public housing estate.

This was before the duty on wine was abolished. Even I could tell that it was spoiled.

C .Y. Leung, convenor, non-official member of the Executive Council

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