Thursday, 24 November 2011

Australia's Asian Punk News Anchor

I was pleasantly surprised when I last visited Australia and saw the following news reader on the telly.

Lee Lin Chin is the SBS news anchor (pic from here)

Lee Lin Chin has a wonderfully heavy old-school BBC accent, but her fashion sense takes the award! She is definitely in the category that favours all news readers to be like school headmistresses; stern, serious, strict, spiky … and spunky!

These days the new generation of news anchors (particularly in Hong Kong) appear to lack any character or, for want of a better word, spunk.

POST AMENDED in light of recent comments

A picture of Sonic the Hedgehog and a link to 0926 HKSAR Name of the Day. Lee Lin Chin, in addition to resembling a blue hedgehog character, also appears to have a Big Head and Little Body.


  1. Her name should be Sonik Hedgehog !!

  2. I've seen her, she's actually tiny.

    She is one of a number of people who presents the news, I think she normally does the weekends(?).

    I go climbing just down the road from SBS, but sadly haven't seen any of the hot newsreaders there after work.

  3. Thanks Anon and AW. Sonic the Hedgehog's pic is now included (see Australia's Asian Punk News Anchor). The similarity in hairstyle and colour sense is uncanny!

  4. Yes, she does appear to have a Big Head relative to her Little Body. She comes across as a good newsreader, if a tad too stern and serious. I hope the other newsreaders on the same channel are good-looking as well as good newsreaders!

  5. They actually have a special gym class for SBS employees a few times a week, but I haven't happened along (purely for, err, educational purposes) when that's been on.

    Google Peta-Jane Madam, about who there is an amazing lack of information and pictures.

  6. You should attend the gym classes. They do sound special!

    Just googled Peta-Jane Madam, interesting name and it's a shame there is a insufficient data! She looks pretty fine, but is she as spunky and spiky as the esteemed Asian punk news anchor?

  7. I may not be able to pass myself off as an SBS worker, however I could coincidentally be there at the same time, and spectate. I think the view would be good.

    PJ looks fantastic, but sadly there is a serious lack of decent pics of her online, which is a travesty. Maybe not as spunky, and doesn't have as, err, 'interesting' hair as Lee Lin.

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